IN SEARCH OF THE CELTIC TWILIGHT is an album recorded at Watercolour Music in the West Highlands of Scotland. It is a continuation of the album WORDS FOR MUSIC SURELY. It is an imaginary poetry and Folk music session during which WB Yeats along with Scottish and Irish fellow poets arrive at the studio set in a stunning location in Lochaber. Every poet submits their verse to the musicians who turn the words into songs. Poets include Robert Burns, Eva Gore Booth of Sligo and Carolina Nairn but the driving force remains WB Yeats with five of his poems ranging from the well known Fiddler of Dooney to an unpublished poem. Sarah also sings her own lyrics on one track to celebrate the language of the Gaels. Mary Ann Kennedy adds her Gaelic voice to celebrate a culture dear to WB Yeats. A true celebration of Ireland and Scotland through a folk session.

Musicians are

Sarah Yann Fanet: guitar, acoustic bass, harmonica and lead vocals.

Sally Simpson: fiddle

Eilidh Shaw: fiddle

Mary Ann Kennedy: harp and backing voacals.

Allan MacDonald: percussion


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